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Hacking Employees' Commitment

Hacking Employees' Commitment


Does your company suffer a commitment problem?
Perhaps, you have this type of employee in the company :
-Rangga is Production Manager. He's responsible for planning and supervising the production process of the company's product. Rangga is emotional, irritable, lack of initiative at work. But he has a good relationship with all staffs.
-Annisa is a supervisor in the Public Relation department. She's not married and still young. She's done her job completed but often they are over deadlines. She's often caught up doing something not related to job during working time. She seems less responsible.
-Andi is a staff in the Marketing Division. He's responsible person, hardworking and finishing the job on time. However, he is insecure and lack of confidence to lead a certain project. He needs the motivation to take in charge. 

Employee commitment is the fundamental to overall company's performance. You need an outstanding strategy to have an outstanding organizational commitment.

Regardless of Gen X, Gen Y, or Millenials, is there an approach we can utilize to manage one's commitment? 
Come and learn the scientific formula on how to hack yourself and your team's commitment!

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to
-Increase and maintain commitment for your personal and professional life
-Use the practical tools to manage your team's commitment
-Make your commitment process to be enjoyable
-Apply the scientific formula for increasing and decreasing commitment

The price is inclusive for :
-Learning materials
-Lunch & Cofee Breaks
-Voucher 20% off to Join Kebelet Hidup 3!

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!!

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