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Mastering the Science of Charisma


1. Barack Obama (former US President)
2. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)
3. Bill Gates (former CEO of Microsoft)
4. Nelson Mandela (former South Africa President)
5. Mother Teresa (Catholic Nun and Missionary)
6. Lady Diana (British Royal Family

I bet you already know those people right? 
What're the common things they have?
Well, First, they all are an outstanding leader. 
Secondly, they possessed an outstanding CHARISMA. 

Building a great charisma is one important element of leadership. It would be helpful if you want to be a role model for others if you have the right type of charisma. It is also useful to inspire and express your ideas easily to your team to be executed. Increasing your charisma capacity takes practices. You can read 1.000 books about it, bur without practices, it won't really take you anywhere.

This workshop is designed to be the most practical for you to apply and enhance your self-leadership skills in one single day!

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
-Understanding the types of charisma and the right moments to use all of them.
-The case study of using our different types of charisma in different situations.
-Practical techniques to improve the 3 elements that significantly affects your charisma.
-Real practices in increasing and controlling charisma in yourself.

The price is inclusive for :
-Learning materials
-Lunch & Cofee Breaks
-Voucher 20% off to Join Kebelet Hidup 3!

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